Prayers and Anthems


Mother of Carmel
Pray for me
I want to live
And love like thee

Teach me to pray
With faith to God
Show me the way
That leads to my Lord.

Help me to see
What’s right and wrong
And with sound values
Guide me along.


We’re the students of St. Teresa’s School
Where we’re taught to value right and rule (should it be wrong)
And we’re proud that we belong
To a school so fine and strong

Each will try a worthy Teresian to prove
Grateful we will always be
In little ways and great to show our love and loyalty
Happy and united as a family
And faithful forever we do hope to be

Love and duty is our motto true,
And our goal to gain in knowledge too
We will strive to keep the name,
Of the school we all acclaim
Here’s success to every Teresian old and new.


TERESIANS! Love yourselves the treasure that you are
Believe in yourself, you’ve got tremendous power
Explore the wealth, that Lies deep within you
And dare to dream, and strive, make it come true
To yourself be true, no matter what the cost
And like the brave hearts, fear no to suffer loss

Stand up to challenges, they will make you strong
It’s to those who dare, that trophies do belong
Spread out your wings and soar into the heights
Enjoy your freedom to your soul’s delight
You are a master piece in the Master’s plan
Don’t hesitate you’re safe within his hands.
Stretch out your arms, and reach towards the sun
And see a brother, a sister in everyone

As you love, so you should love them too
For they are precious, and special just like you
Feel their arches and pain, their worries and their cares
Your gifts and all you have them do freely share
It’s only then that you, will know what it’s to give
And you will find that, life’s a joy to live