St. Teresa of AvilaPatron: St. Teresa of Avila
Colour: YELLOW
Motto: God Alone Suffices

St. Teresa said, “Let nothing trouble you. God never changes!”. She was a woman of prayer. Obstacles were a challenge to her. A member of the TERESIAN HOUSE should exhibit deep confidence in God and face difficulties with calm, looking upon life’s storms as opportunities to grow strong.

Let nothing affright thee,
Let nothing trouble thee,
All things are passing,
Only God is changeless
Patience gains all things
Patience gains all things
He who hath God, wanteth nothing
God alone sufficeth


Mother MaryPatron: Mother Mary
Colour: BLUE
Motto: Love Conquers All

Mary! How sweetly falls that word,
On my enraptured ear;
Oft do I breathe in accents low,
That sound when none are near.

Sing, O my lips, and loudly proclaim,
O Mary, O Mary, how sweet is thy name!


St. Maria GorettiPatron: St. Maria Goretti
Colour: GREEN
Motto: Prayer Changes People

Maria Goretti, a girl like us so small
In moments of temptation, protect us lest we fall
Your family had no riches, but a life of prayer sincere
So faced with hard decisios, even death you did not fear.

Your life gives us direction, and points which way to go,
It makes our resolution, more powerful than the foe,
We know that many crisis will meet us on our way,
But when life’s storms assail us, keep us pure in heart we pray.


St TheresePatron: St. Therese
Colour: RED
Motto: GOD is Love

St. Therese was remarkable for her boundless confidence in God. She performed perfectly the duties of her daily life to express her love for God.

Like St. Therese every member in the Flowrette House must be known by her spirit of cheerfulness and devotion to duty.

Little Flower of Jesus, Carmel’s power and pride
God’s overflowing riches made of thee his bride,
Now with that great chorus which from Carmel height
Sings unending praise we our voice unite.

Little flower of Jesus Saint so sweet and mild
Ask for us this favour through the holy child
That when life is ended and our race is run
We may hear our Jesus say to us ‘Well done’.